Cowichan Valley Wine and Arts Festival

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 – Sunday, May 21st, 2017
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Why not come and stay with us while you enjoy the festival? Click on the image below to go to their web site for more information.

Lots to do in Cowichan in December!

As we look out into our snowy garden this December, watching the birds at the bird feeder, we are reminded that Solstice is just around the corner and the light will be coming back soon!

In the meantime, there are lots of events happening this month in the Cowichan Valley. The Nutcracker Ballet on the 16th and 17th, Winter Arts Faires and Breakfast with Santa on Sunday the 18th!

Autumn Garden at Ormada House

The garden at this time of year is still lovely. It is chilly in the night, but we have not had a frost yet. The Japanese Mallows are in full bloom and the Virginia Creeper is astonishing, as always.

Why not come ans stay with us while you visit the Wild Wings Nature and Arts Festival that runs into November?

Or did you know that Ziggy Marley will be performing at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre on October 17th??

Why not give us a call now and make a reservation?
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Whale Watching

Humpback WhaleOn Thurs, Aug 6, 2016 we took 4 of our B & B guests out with Ocean EcoVentures Whale Watching – Cowichan Bay. Our experience was absolutely amazing. Our guests were originally from El Salvador, Central America and one of them spoke no English.

We saw 2 Humpback Whales, 7 Transient Orcas and then a large group of resident Orcas, Pod J, K, and L for a grand total of over 50 whales. We left Cowichan Bay at 5 PM and did not return until well after 10 PM. Our guide and Captain Thyren was terrific.

He even spoke to our guests in Spanish and that made it a very special for the whole group. I would recommend this Tour Company again and again to our Guests!

View all of Captain Thyren’s photos here.

39 Days of July in Full Swing in Downtown Duncan

Free entertainment every day and evening in Charles Hoey Park in Downtown Duncan. On July 30th, the Shawnigan Players will be presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Why not book a room now, and plan to see it?

Easter is just around the corner!

With Easter just around the corner, our garden is slowly awakening with spring flowers and buds getting ready to pop on the shrubs. Why not take a little break this holiday and stay at Ormada House over Easter?

There is lots going on in the Cowichan Valley throughout the whole month of March, starting with the Whiskey Festival this weekend.

Autumn is coming to Ormada House

Virginia CreeperIn the garden, the Virginia Creeper just starting to turn its deep, autumn red. With the little bit of rain that we have received a few flowers are blooming again. Go Figure!

Also, because of the rain and cooler weather, the strictest watering restrictions are being lifted as well as all campfire bans in the surrounding area.

We are putting the Orchid Cactus to bed and a few others.

Rene has just been transferred to BMO Ladysmith Branch as of Aug 31. He is enjoying it very much.

Summer Festival 2015 is around the Corner!

What a wonderful time to come to the Cowichan Valley! The Duncan Summer Festival and the “39 Days of July” is about to start; where visitors will be able to enjoy 39 days and evenings of free entertainment.

Summer is here, the garden is looking lovely, why not give us a call?

Check out the 39 Days of Summer here.

Duncan Days with the parade and street festival information is here.

Thanksgiving at Ormada House

Virginia CreeperThanksgiving this year is on October 13th. That weekend will mark the beginning of Autumn for us. In the garden, the leaves on the Virginia Creeper will be scarlet.

Garden clean up will be progressing slowly as we begin to put the garden to bed for the winter. It is very peaceful now and our puppies, Benito and Chitquitin love chasing the leaves as they fall.

Why not come and stay with us for the weekend this autumn? Come and visit the Salmon and Mushroom Festival in Lake Cowichan.

Salmon & Mushroom Festival

Communities: Lake Cowichan

Saturday, September 27, 2014 – Sun, Sep 28

Visit for more details.

Beautiful End-of-Summer Days

Now that the worst of the heat is over, it has become really pleasant to sit in our garden in the evenings. there are still so many flowers in bloom.

We are really looking forward to the 146th Cowichan Exhibition next weekend! We really enjoy Going to Mellors hall and looking at all the crafts, cooking and vegetable displays. Our favourite is “Animals Made from Vegetables,”  by children under 12 years old. They are hilarious.

Why not book a room for this sunny upcoming weekend and enjoy the fair, the food and the music. and in the evening, a nice glass of wine in the garden.

Here is one of our favourite cartoons from the Cowichan Newsleader about the Exhibition:

Cowichan Exhibition