Autumn Garden at Ormada House

The garden at this time of year is still lovely. It is chilly in the night, but we have not had a frost yet. The Japanese Mallows are in full bloom and the Virginia Creeper is astonishing, as always.

Why not come ans stay with us while you visit the Wild Wings Nature and Arts […]

Easter is just around the corner!

With Easter just around the corner, our garden is slowly awakening with spring flowers and buds getting ready to pop on the shrubs. Why not take a little break this holiday and stay at Ormada House over Easter?

There is lots going on in the Cowichan Valley throughout the whole month of March, starting with […]

Autumn is coming to Ormada House

In the garden, the Virginia Creeper just starting to turn its deep, autumn red. With the little bit of rain that we have received a few flowers are blooming again. Go Figure!

Also, because of the rain and cooler weather, the strictest watering restrictions are being lifted as well as all campfire bans in the […]